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Why live with pain or discomfort?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

The longer you go untreated the worse your symptoms become. In 2014 the NHS revealed back pain causes more disability than any other condition and ITV news has found the issue is now becoming worldwide. It affects 1 in 10 people and increases with age. It is commonly caused by bad posture, incorrect lifting and bending or mild injuries left unresolved. Pain is your body's last resource and the body has been put under some kind of stress for a while before pain is produce; when this issues remain unresolved it is easy to enter a pain bad posture cycle that the longer it develops the longer it takes to recover back to normal, this condition may not lead to further serious conditions but it is emotionally distressing because it strongly affects everyday life tasks that are therefore considered as "simple" (brushing your hair, reaching coverts, cleaning, driving etc). If you have an active lifestyle it is important to maintain your muscles conditioned in order to prevent injuries. If you have a desk job it is important to check you have the correct posture and keep the muscles relaxed. It is normal that both activities combined with everyday life stress cause your muscles to tense. This conditions are often treated with rest and analgesics. Pain killers will mask the pain, and while you move further you could cause further injury, rest may cause the muscles to de-condition and getting back to normal activities will take longer and be more painful. massage and corrective exercises are therefore the best way to treat it.

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