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What effect do we want from exercise?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Many of you have heard me say, we want to soothe the area first, slowly we will work on increasing a or b.

When we are experiencing pain and this is affecting our daily activities it can be very distressing and we can easily enter into a pain - movement vicious cycle.

We avoid movement because it’s painful and it’s painful because we don’t move. At the other end of the spectrum, we just carry on moving because often pain subsides and we can continue.

What do we do when pain doesn’t resolve itself?

We modify our exercise dosage. We modify our exercise to achieve a soothing effect, we give time to the body for recovery.

Then slowly, we come back towards our usual exercise routine which focuses on fitness levels and keeping your soothing (exercise prescription) routine as a maintenance will work as an injury prevention aid.

We feel better then we stay healthy.

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