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Is pain stopping you from staying active?

Feel better, stay healthy

Carolina D. 

Sports Rehabilitator B.Sc (Hons)

BASRAT professional directory.

This is how it goes

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Understand what's going om

The process will start with a discussion where we will investigate the aches you have and come to an understanding as to the potential causes. 

From this assessment we will be able to personalise your treatment to what you want to achieve.

Shoulder Treatment

Lets get going

My 2 key elements needed to get up and running again:

1. As a qualified sports rehabilitator, I will use the best hand-on tools to manage and ease the pain.

2. Using the increased understanding of your body, we will agree a range of exercises to assist the rate of effectiveness of the recovery process.

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Staying Healthy

Once the hands-on treatment is completed, we will agree on a range of activities and effective habits you can introduce into your exercise regime to stay healthy, prevent further injury and minimise the possibility for the injury to reoccur. 

I will give you as much information as possible and will remain on call to help if I can.

When you book a treatment with me

From the minute you book your appointment onwards, it will be tailored to your needs and goals that you wish to achieve. A treatment consists of a combination of manual therapy as well as an exercise programme to suit your personal needs. I'm always happy to share valuable advice to keep yourself healthy too!  

I love and recognise the value of hands on work (manual therapy) and its benefits for your body and mind as an aid for progression and not a tool to rely on. I am happy tailoring your session to be a more relaxing experience or for you to feel more awake and full of energy.

"It is my mission for physical therapy and a feel good treatment not to be at each end of the spectrum"


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Home visits available 
Tadcaster and surrounding areas 

Injury assessment

Sometimes it is necessary to perform a more in-depth assessment in order to rule out factors contributing to pain/malfunction that may not be as obvious. Whether you book an injury assessment or not, I will let you know if you need one. This will be performed on your first appointment and you will receive this as well as part of your treatment.


Massage combines both motion and pressure on the tissue providing a range of different benefits depending on how this is applied. As a sports rehabilitator I have on hand a range of different tools used in physical therapy referred as manual therapy, this means when you book a treatment I will make use of all my knowledge and apply it to the best of my ability.

Injury rehabilitation

When resolving an injury, I will try to understand it's contributing factors and the way it's presenting itself using what we refer to as clinical reasoning, this enables me to create the best plan of action specifically for you. According to our findings we will determine the kind of manual therapy and exercise you will require to treat pain, recover from injury and prevent this from reoccurring. 

Exercise prescription

Exercise prescription will be part of every treatment you book with me but we will rely on it for our social distancing consultations. Exercise/movement is a key factor for getting better, preventing pain from coming back and staying healthy. Rather than using a one-size fits all format, I will provide you with all the information necessary and enlighten you on how we can use the routines you love and enjoy to serve our purpose.

About Me

I moved to England to study towards a medical degree but, after a year on the program, I found that the approach being taught was too prescriptive.  I wanted to be able to treat the body as a whole and help people find health in a more complete way.  After more research, I found that physiotherapy was closest to how I wanted to work.  


The course I then entered was about getting down to the underlying causes of the problems that people experience in their bodies.  One of the elements in my program that I found to be most important and fascinating was getting to learn about all different factors that affect performance for athletes and others, including the emotional and psychological aspect of injury and recovery.


I pride myself on being able to help people from all walks of life and being able to find a connection with themselves as we work to resolve injuries and other physical problems.


I am always looking to work with people who want to feel better and strive to carry on doing what they love without being in pain. I love and recognise the value of hands on work (manual therapy) and its benefits for your body and mind as an aid for progression and not a tool to rely on. I am happy tailoring your sessions to be a more relaxing experience or for you to feel more awake and full of energy.

Looking for sports injury rehab and sports massage in Wetherby or Sheffield? You've come to the right place.

My awarding body is British Association of Sports Rehabilitators & Trainees (BASRAT) and I am accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. My work experience includes time at top tier football clubs (Burnley FC and Blackburn Rovers) and working with the Wales and Fiji Rugby Union World Cup Squads as well as plenty of clinical experience treating shoulder, knee, back pains and working with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia.

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"Carolina has helped me come back from some nasty injuries and I always look forward to seeing her. Highly recommended"


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